Da Vinci Body

Our signature HIIT training class focuses on working with multiple angles and levels of resistance to gain strength, mobility, balance, and improve cardio capabilities. This music oriented classes applies elements of Pilates, yoga, strength training, power moves and cardio, utilizing floor to ceiling resistance anchors.  

All levels and abilities are welcome.

Classes are about 40-45 minutes including a 5-6 minute cool down & warm up. 

Class Descriptions

*All classes have a base of the 'Da Vinci Body Board' class but each specialty class as a unique twist to it! 

The owner, Theresa Rudel, is willing to meet anyone to go over the boards before they take their first class- FREE OF CHARGE! Just give us a call to set up an appointment. 970.227.7822

*Da Vinci Body Board

Our signature HIIT classes focus on working with multiple angles and levels of resistance to gain strength, mobility, balance and improve cardio capabilities. This music orientated class applies elements of resistant strength training, pilates, yoga, power moves and cardio. All levels and abilities are welcome. 

DVBB Basics

*This High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) class is a full body resistant workout with our Da Vinci Body Board (DVBB) bands. We will bring you back to the 'basics' in this class; focusing on correct alignment, muscle engagement, and offers more modifications for any individual. This class is recommended for new students but all are welcomed. 


Da Vinci Body Board 'Workout of the Week' (W.O.W) is a HIIT based class where you will not only be utilizing the bands and board but will also be applying off-the-board moves as well. Plyometrics, ropes, sand bags, sprints, body weight exercises, and much more will be added to this class to increase the level of difficulty. If you can handle a little more impact and want to push yourself a little more, this is the class for you!

This class is offered two times a week (Tuesday and Thursday) and our 45-50 minutes and will be the same routine for both classes. However, our Saturday *DVBB W.O.W* class is a 1 HOUR LONG class and is a new routine! The Thursday and Tuesday W.O.W classes are meant to be incorporated once a week (hence the 'W.O.W' Program) for beginners. However, if you have the extra ambition for intensity, we challenge you to come to both of them plus the Saturday class!


DVBB Active Agers 

*Come for an effective workout in a safe surrounding environment in order to keep seniors strong and healthy. This class is designed to work on balance, cardio, and strength at a slower pace.

DVBB Booty and Core

*Best resistance exercises for booty boosting and core toning 'with a sprinkle of cardio.' Get ready to feel that FIRE!

DVBB Dirty Thirty

*This quick class will have you burning for a full 30 minutes of our DVBB HIIT based class and will leave you time to enjoy Happy Hour on your Friday evening!DVBB Connect 

DVBB Connect

*DVBB Connect will still be a workout, but with a twist. This class will include some yoga postures with the bands along with cardio and strengthening, but the latter half of the class will incorporate some much needed deep stretching to send you out into your day with balance! We are often tight after any workout (including yoga), so we will take some more time to relax, chill-out, and stretch out!